Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Quilt Ladies Book Two Helen and Teresa read their story

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The Quilt Ladies Book Two Helen and Teresa read their story
The Quilt Ladies Book Collection
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Meet Helen and Teresa

There was a long silence, "Well…. It was the only thing I could think of to get you quilting. I knew you were too nice to come out and say no. Are you angry at me?" Mary Alice turned to look into her face.

Helen was silent for a moment, "For bringing me back to life, for giving me my husband back, for giving me friendship, and all of you Ladies?. Oh yes…I am angry," Helen answered with a large smile and continued, "A quilt for me? I like that."

There were only five people today for lunch, and The Ladies knew they would have rather been invited to the quilting.
When someone asked about it, Teresa said, "No, no this is my occasion. I am not sharing this with them." Everyone all understood. This was her group. Her friends were all hers for the day.

The children ate under an apple tree on an old quilt. The Ladies sat together by the house. Mary Alice wondered if her girls noticed all the talking and laughter that came from The Ladies’ lunch. They were not just mothers or wives, but friends. She wanted them to have these kinds of friendships all through their lives. She knew that loving your husband and family were not the only things you need in life, you need to find what is your own. She wanted them to have a job, friendships and a hobby, such as writing or reading. She wanted them to have anything extra to make their days happy.
The Quilt Ladies are coming together, I'm on the late (hopefully) proof and then off to printer and a web page, but right now I'm happy. I've learned to just change the time line I've set up for myself and not let this stop any forward movement I've achieved. 

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