Sunday, July 30, 2023

Living with Quilts

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I love having my quilts around me. I think with all the moving we have done as a family, I always know my quilts are close.
I'm a true believer that quilts are made to be used. I have only one quilt that's not used and it is one my Great-great grandmother made for my mom, when mom was a little girl.(Great Grandma's Quilt is now used by me. quilt pattern here for you )  But everything else in this house is used, washed and loved.
This little star quilt is at the front entry, so it greets everyone who enters. 

On the library table.
quilt ladies quilts
This little quilt is larger that the top of the chest, but I just folded it to fit, it's made with 30's reproduction fabrics, these quilts are all 100% cotton, and all hand quilted by me.


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