Wednesday, October 21, 2009

First Booth at a Quilt Show - Here and it's Happening

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We made it to Kansas City with no problems. They are having a true fall and the trees are beautiful. Both Husband and I are a bit overwhelmed, and if you know my husband that's hard to do. Pulled up unloaded and started to set things up. We had to stop a minute and regroup ourselves. And laugh a bit....

First Booth at a Quilt Show, The Quilt Ladies
The booth came with an 8 foot table and he was sure that he could get a 6 foot, "It will fit better." Well, he tried and even with his charm. He came back and said, "This one will work just fine, they wanted $150 to exchange table." We had to laugh.

The set up went really smooth and I'm so happy to have Husband with me.
First Booth at a Quilt Show
Nothing but, FUN, Laugher and Smiles. I'm here ! !

First Booth at a Quilt ShowUNBELIEVABLE.....

Sew Happy and sew blessed

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