Sunday, January 10, 2010

Book Ten of The Quilt Ladies Book Collection, At Anytime

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Book Ten of The Quilt Ladies Book Collection, At Anytime
At Anytime
Book Ten of
The Quilt Ladies Collection

“I need from you what I gave you, freedom to try."
"You can have anything I have, "At Anytime."

The house sounds moved from room to room, but to her they were nothing she wanted to be involved in. She curled herself into a ball and pulled the blanket up around her head, she took
in the smell of the cotton in the quilt, she fingered the stitches that held it together and she understood the meaning of "peace" folding herself up in it. The "Ladies" had completed it for her just days earlier and it was still overwhelming to her the love that they gave her in the pieces of fabric.

Kimberly broke the silence, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" No one moved, and no one answered.
Until, "Not what I am now," Jenny said.
It seemed to roll over them all. A few moments later, "What if you could be anything, or do anything,
what would that be?" Molly asked very slowly. The heat of the day was making the moments move almost like a dream.
Quilt from Book Ten of The Quilt Ladies Book Collection, At Anytime
Teenage years are years of discovery, both for the teenager and the Parents.

Twelve different blocks are used to form this quilt. Block Names

Mother’s Dream
Rolling Stone
Mother’s Delight
Robbing Peter to Pay Paul
Grown Up
None Such
Guiding Star
Grandma’s Choice
This – n – That
Beggar’s Block
Go Around
Secret Drawer

Sew Happy,

the quilt ladies store
The Quilt Ladies Store

Soft Color Cover - Color Quilts 5.5" X 8.5" Books average 30-45 pages, complete color quilt patterns/instructions for the quilt or quilts featured in the book. Story is Fiction but the quilts are very real.

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