Friday, January 1, 2010

The Complete Quilt Ladies Collection

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Book One - Mary Alice and Emily Brown The story begins as Mary Alice moves into a new community. She discovers what she is made of and how important friends are to her. Complete instructions for Square Star.

Book Two - Helen and Teresa Continuing the story. Meet two more "Ladies", learn how quilting brings peace into one of their lives. 2 complete quilt patterns, RoadWay and A Square Doll Quilt.

Book Three - Jenny As the story moves ahead, the "Ladies" come together in friendship as one of them looses a lot and another gains. Complete quilt instructions for Center Circle.

Book Four - Changes Follow along as one of the "Ladies" decides to start a business. Complete quilt instructions for Grandma's Candy Dish, pieced and applique.

Book Five - The Kitchen A blow of hate brings everyone together. Complete quilt instructions for First 4-Patch.

Book Six - Summer at the Farm The children are invited to spend time at the farm, the "Ladies" get involved too Pattern included Star Lap Quilt.

Book Seven - Love at Any Age Love is in the air as the summer moves to fall. Complete quilt instructions for Log Cabin PinWheel and Churn-n-Dash Baby Quilt.

Book Eight - The Wedding The "Ladies" bring a wedding together, they organize, shop and quilt. Complete quilt instructions for a Pieced and Applique Wedding Quilt.

Book Nine - Garden Under the Stars Sometimes you have to do what your heart tells you, Mary Alice does. My Garden Under the Stars Quilt Pieced and Applique.

Book Ten - At Anytime Learning about life from the past, Molly understands what she needs. Quilt instructions for A Sampler Quilt, Twelve pieced blocks.

Book Eleven - My Home Stepping forward to do what she knows is right for her and her family. Jenny takes tries to purchase a home, Quilt instructions for Purple Fun.

Book Twelve - Tomorrow's for Me Helen listens to herself and understands the past. Quilt instructions for Triangle Corners

The Quilt Ladies Book Collection in Print ready to Order Logo
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