Thursday, January 14, 2010

Quilt for Christmas for Son and Daughter-n-law

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The second quilt I did, this one for Son #2 and wife
for the holiday.
I decide that we are nuts with gift giving and had to simplify.
Doing 2 queen size quilts was nuts of me to do, I pieced them,
sent out to have machine quilted and I did the binding,
took pictures and shipped. I'm rethink this plan for next year.

Quilt for Christmas from Son and Daughter-n-lawThe front side - it's a queen size on my king bed.

Quilt for Christmas from Son and Daughter-n-law
Sewing binding on
Quilt for Christmas from Son and Daughter-n-law
I like to hand sew the binding down, just looks nice.

Quilt for Christmas from Son and Daughter-n-law
When they said, "Yellow" for the back I was not sure, but, oh my, I like.
They gave me a picture of a quilt out of a magazine and I just did my thing. The best is hearing that they remember what some of the front pieces of fabric are from, old quilts, baby quilts etc...
Sew Happy,
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  1. I love quilts and this one is gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing. Mom and I have made quilts over the years and Grandma and I made a quilt for my daughter before she was born. I know how to set up the quilt, but don't know how to bind it. Maybe someone will show me sometime.


  2. is that last picture the back? i love it!! very inspiring

  3. Hi Beth,

    I love quilts too and yours are really beautiful. Thanks for sharing and have a nice weekend.

  4. Quilts are one of my favorite things! This one is beautiful!

  5. Simple doesn´t mean easy nor quick but sure looks beautiful

  6. One of these days....ONE of these days I'm gonna try my 'hand' at sewing a quilt!! You are an inspiration to us all. They're beautiful.

    My Show n Tell is posted now. Do come visit if you can find some time today. It's...


  7. Gorgeous ! I could never do that ! I can't sew and I have no patience at all !

  8. Wow that is just beautiful I have alot of quilt practicing I need to do my squares still come out crooked hehe! ~Thanks for sharing Blessings Heather

  9. they are so blessed to receive such a lovely gift from your loving hands!

  10. Wow! They are absolutely beautiful! I have ALWAYS wanted to learn how to quilt. My sister has several quilts and I LOVE them.. however I have yet to own one. I guess that's why I want to learn so bad. I think they are just beautiful and they hold so many memories! Thank you so much for sharing... Have a great weekend! -April

  11. That is so beautiful!!! It looks so cozy! Thanks for sharing!

  12. What lovely colors. I am actually working on a quilt made from vintage fabric squares. Fun!

  13. Lovely quilt with so many different fabrics and color.


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