Friday, June 11, 2010

Bow Tie Quilt on The Clothes Line

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On the Clothes Line

Bow Tie Quilt on The Clothes Line 
We have moved a number of times (10) the first move I made with Husband was to Burlington, Iowa. A beautiful town in the south-eastern corner of the state on the Mississippi River. Husband worked around the clock and I found quilts. This is one of the first one's I purchased.
Bow Tie Quilt on The Clothes Line
At the auction I could only see the back of the quilt. Someone over time had sewn the good sides together. Maybe to make it thicker or stronger??
Bow Tie Quilt on The Clothes Line
It was a huge leap of faith and $10.  I sat for an evening with a seam ripper and removed all the threads and I love this quilt. I have it on a table in my sewing room, it's a bit of a catch all table, but I love seeing it.

Bow Tie Quilt on The Clothes Line
Who ever pieced this together took time of match the fabric on both ends of the bow tie. As you can see, in above photo, they did this with all of them.

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