Saturday, April 9, 2011

Living with Quilts Around My House

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Recently, reading a blog forum about how pictures make your posts better, they talked about lighting, balance and behind scapes of each picture.

 On an average I shot 6-8 pictures of everything I take pictures of.  I figure if I go to all the work to get it out,  I'm going to over do it.
What if I didn't ???
Living with Quilts Around My House
We live with my quilts, we use them, wash them and love them.
So, a few nights ago I walked around the house.
Living with Quilts Around My House

Husband with his fishing trip quilt, no quilt is softer.

Living with Quilts Around My House

Corner of the couch.

Living with Quilts Around My House, Quilts on our bed.

How many quilts to you sleep UNDER at night?  
Us, three Beth quilts and one down !
Quilts Around My House

uilts Around My House

Computer quilt, for wrapping up in as I blog.

Living with Quilts Around My House

And my sewing room wall, as I see it daily.   You will also notice there are no Quilt Ladies Book Quilts out, they are put away and used for shows only !

Enjoy your quilts ! We do !

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  1. Thanks for the chance to take a peek at how your quilts are loved at your house.

  2. What I want to know is how do you imprint your name on your pictures?


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