Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Different Kind of Site

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Dianalynn Varin has a wonderful idea for a new site and I want to share her with all of you. She is open, warm and did a wonderful interview.

My name is Dianalynn Varin and the name of my business is Crafted Elegance.  
What type of business do you have?
Crafted Elegance is place where disabled individuals sign on to sell their high quality, homemade, juried crafts.  Crafted Elegance takes care of the business end of selling their crafts.  This allows the crafter to focus solely on creating their crafts and their crafts stay in their possession until they are notified someone has bought their products.  Then they ship out the purchase directly to the customer. 
Currently we sell glycerin decorative soaps, quilts, pillows, women’s collars; baby’s learning books made from cloth and macramé plant hangers.
As more disabled crafters sign on to sell their products, we will have more of a variety to choose from.  - See some of the Products - HERE
How did the creation of Crafted Elegance Come to Be?
I created Crafted Elegance out of my own frustration of not finding an employer willing to hire me to work from home.  I was diagnosed with CIDP in 2006 and the nature of the illness prevents me from working outside the home.  However, I can work from home because I can better accommodate my needs and it allows me the flexibility to work around my illness and on-going treatments. 
I do have a business degree and background.  I also went through a program at my local college to learn medical coding and took the national CPC exam through AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders) and became certified, however, I still have been unable to find an employer willing to allow me to work from home. 
Knowing that I am not the only person who faces the hardship of being disabled and in need of employment, I thought I would be able to help others as well and that is why I contract with other disabled individuals.  I have the business background and education and I can use my experience and education in a way that not only helps me, but others as well. 
How long have you been doing what you do and running it as a business?     
I have been making glycerin soap for almost a year now.  I first did a lot of research on different recipes and how to make glycerin soap and went through many batches before I ended up with something I felt was an outstanding product. 
What inspires you about your business?
My inspiration comes from providing an opportunity for disabled folks to make some extra income.  More importantly, by providing this opportunity, I feel it empowers each individual to take back their sense of self-worth.  Creating in and of itself has a very peaceful and healing element to it.  It helps to pass the day and enables one to focus on something other than pain and worry.  I know whenever I look at a piece of soap I have just finished, I feel very proud of the accomplishment I have achieved.  It becomes a tangible piece of my ability which I know others will benefit from.  Whether they choose to use it as a decorative item to add beauty and elegance to their home, or bathe with it to experience the heavenly scents and skin- softening properties. 
 Who plays a major role in keeping you motivated and inspired?
My motivation and inspiration comes, again, from each individual who are able to realize their outstanding abilities.  And as a result, gain back their sense of self-worth and fulfillment into their lives. 

What information would you like the share with us? Future projects? Any needs?
I am working on projects that will be announced soon and currently my only need is to recruit other artists to sell on the website, so we have more of a variety for our customers to choose from. 
 Crafted Elegance Site - HERE    Please ask any questions of Dianalynn HERE by email
Here is a link to You Tube  

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