Thursday, January 12, 2012

Why Did I bring HIM along to Shop

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Have you EVER tried or tried too hard to have someone understand something?  
I'm on my soap box !

I can see a shop from miles away that I must stop at, 
Husband? "You want to stop HERE?"

Why Did I bring HIM along to Shop

I'd love him to sit in the car, or look around, BUT when I say, "That's it!" don't question me,   I'm not the best at explaining "Why"  I like something.

I just know it when I see it.

Why Did I bring HIM along to Shop for antiques
This would have been perfect for our little kitchen area, he couldn't see it, or wouldn't.
I'm leaving his home next time !  Painted, new seat, pillow cushion ! 
Have I ever left anything alone ?

I'm stepping off my soap box.... and feeling better ! 

The Quilt Ladies Store by Beth

Beth is the Author of The Quilt Ladies Book Collection
and Little Quilt Ladies Pattern Series 

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  1. LOL that is too funny! Grab a few woman friends, one preferably with a big ol pickup and go for a roadtrip!


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