Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Making a Another Barn Quilt, Is it NEEDED

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Well, Husband has decided we need another quilt square,
1 was good, 2 looks off balanced. 
The whole, do things in odd numbers.

Making a Barn Quilt on a Fence

Making a Barn Quilt

Looking down the fence. 

When he gets the wood I'll get started, neighbors want three 
going the rest of the way in their yard??? I'm still thinking about that! 

I can't take a picture from straight on, we have a tree in the way ! 

It's Spring in Nebraska and I'm loving it !

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  1. I'm sure you wouldn't make enough money to pay for your time if you made quilts for other people. You'd have to think of it as a gift for those that want one. I agree, three would be great.♥♫


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