Thursday, May 3, 2012

Barn Quilt Made to Go on our Fence

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I've finished my Fence (Barn) Quilt

This was so much fun. I measured and laid the pattern out
and then painted over a couple of days. Used a paint
pen for the lines and 4 coats of poly. to seal it. 
basket barn quilt

I, of course didn't want to do a normal quilt block.

barn quilt details

So, I did an Applique with the square set on point.

I used my patterns from Baskets of Applique Flowers as a reference.
Only available in PDF to your Printer,  you'll need the patterns.

Barn Quilt

Added quilt lines that you will never see from just a few steps back, but I know they are there, they make me happy ! 

Barn Quilt Made

Barn Quilt Made to Go on our Fence

Barn Quilt Made to Go on our Fence

It's Spring in Nebraska

Husband said my fence block would get more coverage !
Yes, "It's my site !"

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  1. Your work is beautiful. I understand the part about when you say "you will know the stitches are there"--sometimes that is what brings you the most satisfaction. Now I need a fence so I can have one, too!♥♫

  2. A fence quilt has been on my to-do list! (since I don't have a barn) Yours looks awesome!

  3. Can you please tell me what type of wood you use and thickness and what you have to prime and protect it with? Thanks!! I LOVE these!!


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