Sunday, August 12, 2012

Cushion Time - Part 2

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Had a couple of questions about my chair,  See First Post HERE

At Goodwill the chair had a couch and another piece which was like a lounge. They were all priced separate and I now wish I would have purchased the other pieces. 
(I've been back and they are not there) 

I started the project, sanding and staining the third week of June after returning from Florida. I always seem to need something different when I get back. With the heat, it was the drying time, the stain was dry to the touch, but I brought it in from the garage and let it sit for about 2 weeks in the air conditioning. 

Re-doing a Fifties Chair and Cushions

I added a layer of foam to each side of the cushions.

Re-doing a Fifties Chair

I've really never done anything like this before (cushions), 
but with a book for the library. I was going to try.

I purchased 4 yards of each color of fabric, I used Duck Cloth

Re-doing a Fifties Chair

The sewing was not hard, just lots of time, measure, measure, cut, sew, fit, sewing again, until I liked it. 

Re-doing a Fifties Chair

And yes, I planned on mixing up the patterns, 
I just like it.  
Hand stitched everything closed, a zipper was more than I could do.

Re-doing a Fifties Chair and Cushions

Seat cushion finished. 

Re-doing a Fifties Chair

This was NOT hard, just lots of time.  If you are thinking of doing this, DO IT.

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