Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I really Started This Project, Sanding and Staining a Dining Room Table

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OK, I was feeling all warm and happy about the chair project.

So, when the kids were home I asked if Son #2 
would help Husband carry out our table
and I'm going to re-finish the top.

Sanding and Staining a Dining Room Table

The table is HUGE, it has 2 leaves too and I'm doing them also. 
The table is about 30 years old and has made all but the first move with us. 

It's so strong and has had a  number of little boys sitting 
on top to play games and cards

Sand and Stain a Dining Room Table

First sanding with the belt sander. 

How to Sand and Stain a Dining Room Table

I start to work on it early morning and about 10 it's just to hot to work in the garage.

How to Sand and Stain a Dining Room Table

This is a NO HURRY project. 
I want it perfect 
This piece will move with us again.

And YES, I wanted to paint it White, 
but.... wait
till you see it stained !

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  1. Ooh you have lots of fun doing that project. I KNOW you can do it, although I'd have chosen cooler weather to do it myself. LOL

    When we bought this house I took every single cabinet door and drawer out of my kitchen and used my orbital sander on each of them because the people before me 'made' them out of plywood. ACK! But, after all the work I did on those making them perfectly smooth unlike what plywood usually look like, then I stained them too. They turned out beautiful. It was a huge amount of work but they really did turn out awesome looking and mine were only plywood so I can't wait to see your table.


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