Saturday, January 5, 2013

Change Life Up ? ? ! !

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Everything is a process 
and we are processing

Over the past few months there has been an ongoing discussion at our home about Husband retiring. We have decided to go for it. Really, I decided about 3 years ago, but it took him a bit !  So, the process has started, we....are cleaning out a lot of things here, it's me cleaning out ! 

It’s funny, as we did the walk and you know the walk, you walk through your own home trying to see things as others will to put the Nebraska house on the market. The house is great, it’s the stuff, Yes, it’s mostly mine and it has to go !  I knew that before the walk…….

I’ve been working on pictures for about a year, moving them to digital, cleaning out clothes and making decisions about some very old memories. Believe it or not, I was a ballet dancer for a VERY long time and finding my toe shoes….took me over the edge a bit and was the first time I had a moment. The process has been very freeing. I have shipped off boxes to both my siblings, for them and their children, our boys have their things and Husband has let go of these ?? They are a whole story….for much later, 2 deer heads, jack-o-lope and a turkey ! GONE, I think the fish are going (moving) ?? (I will not comment, I will not comment)

What has been really funny to me is that there are just some things I have to throw away. No one can have them, I know some of you cringe at that thought, but until you do this, you won’t understand, it’s been hard, but again good.

So, from time to time I will be sharing what I’ve found, what I'm keeping, what is donated and what will have to be moved. I’m afraid there will be a lot going. Just wait until I start on that sewing room……It's all move???

NOTHING will change with The Quilt Ladies, they are me and I am them, they will be on the truck or  in the trailer and always right here at

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  1. Beth, funny that we are in exactly the same place! This will be our first move that the Air Force doesn't pay for. He's having a hard time parting with the old paperback science fiction books, I'm having trouble with the yarn.

  2. Us too, first move after 10 that is all on us. But, I'm just fine with that. I have floor plans, furniture layouts and paint colors picked and we've not put this house the market and I'm decorating a new one?? But, I'm so enjoying it. I'm quilting my 2012 BOM and it will be the NEW house master BR quilt, loving it.


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