Thursday, January 2, 2014

Took Some Time

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I was questioned, Why I posted all my 2013 blocks again through the month of December? Why didn't I put them into book form and sell them?
The answer is, I just needed sometime....It's been a whirlwind, 2013 was nothing but change, the Nebraska house selling, Husband's retirement, moving to Florida, my mother's move here, traveling to see our children, of course my little company, The Quilt Ladies and after it all I finally had to just stop. I gave myself time to be home, quilt, design, paint furniture, paint walls and just be here, home.
I want to Thank You all for your support of me and The Quilt Ladies. I'm nothing without all of you ! ! I'll be showing all the projects soon and don't miss the 2014 Block of the Month Pattern,
HERE if you can't wait....all 12 patterns are here for you and No waiting and in book form.
Again, Thank you all !

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