Monday, February 3, 2014

Paint, Stencil and No Wallpaper

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I've been working on our Master Bathroom, I've always wanted wallpaper, but after pricing it and figuring out the cost of having it hung, I had to come up with a new idea. So, off to Pinterest - (here's my boards link)

I found a wonderful stencil (their site) ordered it and it arrived in just a few days.  The room had been white, on white, so a bit of color to warm it up.
paisley stencil

The after ! ! 

The white on white before

A soft steel gray, 

white paisley stencil

I didn't measure out the placement of each stencil, just by eye, placed and painted, I purchase the medium and small stencil, used acrylic white paint. 

large paisley stencil

I didn't over think the painting with these, they are not perfect, and that's just the way I wanted them. I wanted it to be like floating lace on the wall. 

paisley stencil white wall

You can see from the first photo, adding pictures and things the stencil become very neutral 

The sink corner before

The Quilt Ladies Store

paisley stencil

And After ! 
I painted the gray in one day and the next day did the stencils, as the acrylic painted dried the stencil edges just seemed to match into the base gray color.

It's a keeper and the money I saved is crazy ! 

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