Wednesday, March 12, 2014


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I've been working on getting everything, on everything. 
It's nuts, I know, but this old mind.....I missed one, 

OK, Old Lady Moment !


PDF download, means you purchase the pattern on
your computer, you receive an email and do what it says,
quilt block made simple
 After ordering
You will receive an email confirmation invoice
Then an email with Download product Notice, open
To download your items, click the download link – click on the blue link
You will be taken to The Quilt Ladies Site
Downloadable Products for Invoice #
Click on the box which says, Download NOW
A box will come up with Open – Save – Cancel.
Open you will be able to print the eBook
Save you will be able to save to your computer
You will have one week to download (7 days)

simple quilt block

For this you need Adobe -  it's FREE and already on most computer's
On the right side it says
Pick your's ! 

Why use PDF downloads?

The Quilt Ladies things are on my store, Kindle, Etsy and Nook,
I can get them to you with all systems in moments.

But with PDF the value is better as I do not have to share
any costs with others. Making it a better value for you ! 

quilt pattern block eBook

Click on the book link and you'll see links to Kindle and Nook too ! 

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