Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Walk through Missouri Star Quilt Company with Me !

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There is this HUGE family project going on at

100 N Ardinger St, Hamilton, MO 64644

 It's the Missouri Star Quilt Company Their Site

Being just a town away it was a treat to go see what it's all about. Yes, it's the quilt shop that made national news as it was featured on NBC evening news.

The shop, Jenny (Mom) started with a little shop, a long-arm quilting machine the kids purchased for her. Today, it's crazy, the kids have joined her and they have turned her shop into a family company ! 

Husband walking through the shop with me, I'd asked if they had a 
Dresden plate ruler, the lady behind the counter looked it up, "We have 300."
I said, "I'll take one !"  Husband decided to walk down the street and see the whole town. 

The lady behind the counter was on a Walkie-talkie. 

Husband said, "She ran past me with a hand full of rulers."

Really, it was RAN to me ! 

The young lady had about 30 rulers in her hand, I was given mine and over 5 more people saw it and purchased them too ! 

What customer service can do ! 

This is were all the filming is done for all the how to video's.
Have to love it ! Looks just like I'd love my studio to look ! 

Of course, I purchased fabric and a ruler, as I'm leaving they say, "Don't miss our 2 other shops, across the street."

Sew Seasonal
and the newest an all solid shop,(not named yet) "Just watch our step to get to the door, but go on in."

This shop is HUGE and every color under the sun will be available there
Pick a white ??? Nuts 

There is a separate class room building, rooms to stay in, a bakery, hamburger shop and much, much more I'm sure will be going on there soon. 

If you are close to Kansas City, MO or Gallitin, MO like us 
(and they have a great site, above)

Stop in, 
if you do, 
HAVE a Ball, It's Wonderful

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