Tuesday, June 10, 2014

How to Make a Small Ironing Board

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 I saw this ironing table on pinterest, my pinterest page if you'd like to follow me HERE 

This was very easy ! 

iron board from a tv tray how too

I purchased a 9.00 wooden TV tray

iron board from a tv tray

Took batting, the kind that is used for hot pads, I used 2 layers and an old bath towel folded in half, but you could use just about anything for your top.

how to make an iron board from a tv tray

The table was VERY hard and Husband helped me stable it all around the outside edge.

iron board from a tv tray how to

A great pinterest project ! I'm getting my sewing room just like "I" like !

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  1. Here I thought I had an original idea when I bought that same TV tray at Goodwill last week to make this ironing table.

  2. Some models of best ironing boards has wheels and this can make things easier. If you're looking for something for an elderly relative you also want something that's lightweight - yet sturdy.


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