Friday, August 22, 2014

How to Painted Wooden Cabinets, My Tricks

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Here is my post about my NEW Laundry room Closet. And here are my painting tips 

white nylon paint brushes

Trick ONEI go to Michael's and get the better brush, NOT the cheap ones from Lowes.
White NYLON Brushes, about $4.00 for package.
They wash great and no hairs come out like the other ones !

brown paper sack as sand paper

Trick TWO is a BROWN paper sack, paper is the finest sand paper you can get. BUT, it must be a BROWN sack. 

The only one I had in the house was from a little quilt shop in McKinney, TX, Stitched with Love, their site.  Cut the sack open and I like to fold it in and use just as sand paper, it makes the paint and wood soft ! 

painted kitchen cabinets

laundry room closet

This is the "AFTER" I love it. 

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