Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Our Fall Tour

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We traveled most of September and I shopped MANY quilt shops. With Son #2 being SO close to Hamilton, MO. I of course HAD to go to Missouri Star Quilt Company.  


This is my second trip and it's changed a lot since this past April. 
This is not a paid commercial, I was the one spending......
Here is their site 

I asked to take pictures, "Sure anything you like, take pictures of everything."
Missouri Star Quilt Company building

This is the main shop, they also have a civil war shop, a seasonal shop and a solid shop. A restaurant, a diner, a bakery and a tap house and a class room with sleeping for classes.....

Fabric from Missouri Star Quilt Company

I was in a bit of PINK, Love it  

Missouri Star Quilt Company

 From the solid shop

Missouri Star Quilt Company

Pink display at Missouri Star Quilt Company, Hamilton, MO

Solid shop Missouri Star Quilt Company, Hamilton, MO

This is just a few of my pictures, I have hundreds, I'll be sharing more ! 

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