Thursday, November 13, 2014

Our Group Quilt Project

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So many of us at my small quilt group get this magazine that we decided on one of the patterns from
Missouri Star Quilt Co. BLOCK Magazine - HERE 

Book 4 page 20
Each of us was given the back ground fabric 2 - 10" x 10" and we each added any Batik fabric, any color,  2 - 10" x 10"

This is for a Quilt Basket give away at guild (which I'm not a member of?)  42 finished quilt blocks, ready for the winner to put together.
Block quilt magazine pattern

Sandwiched together, sew outside edges - cut apart

 Cut again and then turned

star quilt pattern from Block quilt magazine pattern

And sewn together

Block quilt magazine pattern

Block quilt magazine pattern

I've not done other's quilt patterns in a long time. This one????
I know it's all about the charm 10" squares, but...
I could do rotary cutting in not much time and be done ! 
But, it's always a good workout for the mind, RIGHT?

Beth Ann

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