Tuesday, December 30, 2014

How to Piece my 2015 Charm Pack Blocks for Quilt Patterns of the MONTH 2015

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Here is my how to for the 

2015 Quilt Blocks of the Month

I'm using Charm Packs, for my
2015 Quilt Blocks of the Month Patterns
If you like, just cut your squares 5" x 5"

How to piece my BlocksFrom Charm PacksUse 4 Charm Packs2 Light and 2 DarkCharm Packs have a cut size of 5” x 5”

OR cut 84 Light and 84 Dark - 5” x 5” squares of fabric you like.
( for the whole quilt)
Block of the month Autumn Trials Quilt Pattern

Draw a line diagonally from corner to corner
I use a mechanical pencil.
Charm quilt piecing

This will be your SEWING LINE

Move your ruler to the right and draw a line ½” 
from the first line

This again will be your SEWING LINE. 
Charm quilt piecing of 2 different sizes of triangles from on quilt square

Sandwich a dark and a lite fabric, good fabric to good fabric and SEW on EACH LINE

Press each block and cut the apart, each side 
will have ¼” seam allowance

Press open and you will have 2 different size of triangles, a large 5” x 5” and a smaller on 4”’ x 4”

Charm quilt piecing of 2 different sizes of triangles from on quilt square

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  1. I am doing your 2015 block of the month and am still doing the 1/2 square triangles' I am using them as starters and enders. Will we be using these for the entire quilt or will we be using different fabrics?
    I enjoy receiving your blog, Thank you for doing this.


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