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Take Your Dream and Make it a Reality - How to Class ONE

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From Dream to Reality

This is a first for me, over the next few weeks, I'll be sharing my book with you. You have to know what you want to get it. I'll walk you through my process. So here we go !

Ever ask yourself, "When is it my turn?" "Could I make it really happen?"There is only one way to get the answer, it's to ask the questions.  If you have the book follow along or if you want the book, HERE 

how to make a dream a reality book
It's never easy, but you have to make sure you are ready to start the process,
In, "From  Dream to Reality"  I walk you through the process of an idea, research and question's you have to ask yourself.

1) Do Not quit your Day Job, you'd think this would be an easy idea. But, way to many people seem to just jump in feet first. We all have wanted to do this, without a plan, savings and lots of knowing what you want we jump but that way you will build a wall that is VERY hard to over come. SO, please just follow along here for a bit and let me see if I can help identify what you want and how you are going to get it.

2) Go purchase a notebook, PLEASE get a notebook and write everything down in it. You are building a plan, these first ideas are goals. Get a notebook and write EVERYTHING down. I know I have said it before, "I'll remember," OK it's said,"But you Will NOT Remember it."  now start writing it down. 

Take the next few hours/days/weeks to write down your dreams, Write everything down. I had just over 60 items on my list.  I wrote for days, never more than 3 to 4 words, but always grounded in my dream, Do not follow someone else’s dream. Dream your own dream.  START NOW !  You can't build a plan without knowing what your dream is.

3) Look at your list, do you have a “MY” list. Not the list of your partner, family members or what you should want. 

     Here is part of my list:  - I have OVER 60 things on my list

Good Job
A Business
A Quilt Shop

Have the list, NOW the question, "How do I reach that goal?" 

Happiness My number one was Happiness, "Why am I not happy? And this is the soul searching part, Start with the Opposite, it's Sad, "What or who makes me unhappy or sad? Write it all down, take days, take moments, but write it down. You need to get to the end product of a huge goal, take some time and figure it all out.

Health You'd think this one would not be hard. But as I worked on happiness I had to remove a few friends from my life and I'm all about making everyone happy, so with that, my drug I use is Sugar.and the pounds came back. Cookies, candy and white bread..... I know... Go to the doctor, do the mammogram, have the Colonoscopy and of course do the blood work, DO it all, walk, bike, run, no health, no dream to make a reality.

So, get you list started, ask yourself, "How do I reach that GOAL?" and start the process of making "YOUR" Dream a Reality.   Go purchase a notebook, start writing and take your idea "From Dream to Reality" 

Side NOTE: I can’t tell you the joy a good notebook gives me, I have 2-3 notebooks going at once, one for every day, one for design ideas, and one for to-do’s, our  travel log and receipts for both travel and the blog! Keep your receipts for everything, dealing with this project, if your project will take a business form. We will not be touching on taxes, I’m not a tax person, but find an tax person, one you like and ask questions when the time comes.  NOTEBOOK:  Mine is MOLESKIN, to me NOTHING Better !   Not a paid advertisement ! Maybe some day, ANOTHER Dream ! 

Stop back for Part Two 

I can ONLY do things like this because you purchase my books. 
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