Saturday, February 28, 2015

Gut Check-Can I make My Dream Happen?

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Can my idea move forward?


1.      Is this a business, product/service or event something that you can make happen?

2.      Is it something that you still want to happen?

3.      I have had people do this research and tell me, “I didn’t like doing the research about this, why would I want to do this daily?”  

In doing the research you spent ZERO of your savings to find out you don’t like your idea or that your idea is PERFECT !

In doing “MY” research, what I learned, 
This is also known as
your “Gut” check moment

I want to OWN a Shop, NOT run a shop. This is very important in retail.
You have to do some soul searching, what is it you want? And this can take some time. Take the time now, and not after you’ve jumping into something with your time and money.

For me, Working 7p.m. 7 days a week for me, even with a staff, I’d have to be there 6-7 hours a day. I’d like say, ”10-2” and go home to write, sew and cook dinner. So with my list, I started to really figure out myself and my needs.
1.    Money,
2.    Home, husband, time to create
3.    Travel time, for our Children and grandchildren

A time management problem, I was not willing to give up time, for the ownership of a stand-alone business, the internet was my golden ticket. 

I didn’t quit my day job, yet.  And that, “yet” is what held me together some days. But, I did make my daily job different, it was away out (working at a bank, it paid the bills), it was not my life, the people I worked with became co-workers, not family, I changed, they didn't. Think about it.......

You have to make the decision.

I could not make a quilt shop work, so I kept writing my dream list, I wrote everything down and one day, it clicked.

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