Tuesday, February 10, 2015

How to Save to take your Dream to Reality How to Class Three

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How I Saved to Fund The Quilt Ladies Early ON !
I took my knowledge one step further:
How to save by changing your life

What I started doing in 2003 was my own savings program, I knew what I was doing (working at a bank) was not right for me, but at the time, this is all I did know.

I started to save this way, as if I was making a car payment. I opened up a savings account with $25.00 (at another bank, I’m very private) and made out 3 years of deposit tickets just as if I owed the money to the savings account, like a car payment.

Due date_______________________

On the  1st, the amount____________

Late date, the 15th amount_____________

I could afford to do $160 month, if late it would be $168.  This is after the changes in our life style,(coffee, shirts, changed cable plan, I stopped my cell phone)

I became obsessed with paying these coupons off and I did it in just over 2 years. Without interest, I had just over $9600. I kept making out the coupons, I did this from 2003 to 2007 (I still do this) and had a pretty good nest egg.

Please no matter what your dream is, do this…….
Any amount from $10.00 to $300.00, weekly or monthly.
Do this, doing this is life changing.

You will start to think about money for your dream in a different way,  you will begin to make decisions with thought, research and with logic. You will say to yourself, “If I take my lunch today, I add 6.50 to my savings account and the dream will start sooner.” Start today ! 

Remember All things have money involved, that’s the way life is, you have to pay for what you want and work for it. A budget is a numbers game, an addition and subtraction problem.  Do it truthfully and honestly and your Dream  can become a Reality.

Do NOT quit your day job, you MUST eat, pay bills and have health insurance.

From funding a business to planning a wedding, you better have a very detailed budget before going into the flower shop. It’s always easier to say, “That’s over budget.” And even better to say, “My budget is___.” That way no one is hurt or unaware.

You have taken the time to write out your list, my list had 64 things on it. You’ve thought a bit about money. NOW !

"From Dream to Reality"

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