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Make a Budget - Taking it "From Dream to Reality ! How to Class TWO

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Making a dream into reality, plain and simple, costs.

All decisions to change your life will be effected by money. So, start learning about YOUR own money, NEVER leave these answers to someone else, 

YOU must know, YOUR Money

how to make a dream reality

Start by making a realistic list/budget of what you spend now. I’m 100% against using credit cards to fund a business, do not quit your job, and when you start your business do it small and smart.  I have done The Quilt Ladies on a 100% cash only bases, start saving now.

To know what you can save you much know what you spend. Write down your monthly payments: And be Truthful: Get your check book out, bank statements and write it down

House payment
Car payment
Phone, cells internet
Cable television
Charge card amounts due
Car payments
Student Loans

Knowing what comes in each month and what goes out each month is power. 
So, you can now decide what you can change or give up to start saving.

Start saving NOW 
Change things quickly, cook at home, remove everything you can, cable, phone’s and gift giving, you will have to be selfish with these decisions, but after a bit of time you will not miss it. I promise. Your 7 year old niece would much rather come and spend the day at your house, make cookies and have lunch under your tree in the back yard, than a $30 gift she will not remember in 2 days.

I love my coffee maker, I can make a better cup of coffee than any cup I’ve ever had in a coffee shop. My cup of coffee will cost me about 80 cents per cup, not 5.00 per cup. I purchase the best coffee, the best carrying mug and no one person ever knows!  And, I don’t tell them either. I have 2 cups of coffee a day spending just 1.60 put 6.40 in a jar for 20 days, one month of working (5 days a week), you will have 128.00, think about it. Yes, the first month there was an out lay of about 100.00  but from then on I was saving, about 128.00 per month !  I was sold and it was NOT hard ! 

My next big thing, I started doing was our own dry cleaning.  Husband knew the day I called the dry cleaner and stopped pick up of his white shirts and I started doing them at home, something was going to happen. At 2.60 per shirt (Nebraska pricing) x’s 5 shirts per week, x’s 4 weeks a month, that’s 52.00 a month. Just changing 2 things my coffee and his shirts = 180.00 a month.   It was not that hard, DO IT !

Cut your budget NOW ! Not later, NOW !  With advice from our oldest son we took a 12 week class, at a local church,  $99.00 for both Husband and I, a book and work book, Dave Ramsey. There are many money classes out there, find one,  do something to make yourself think differently about YOUR money and I’m here to tell you it works.

Remember, my Husband Retired at 57 years old !   It does work and you NEVER have to tell anyone ! 

Making a dream into reality, plain and simple, costs.

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