Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What I Really Want Questions - How to Class Four

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You have taken the time to write out your list, you have thought a bit about money, budget and how to save.
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1.    You are ready to ask yourself the question?   
2.  Your question?  Not Mine, Your Question?  
And this takes some people weeks to come up with, and then others have it in moments, let yourself take the time YOU need to ask this question.  
The Question:
Sample questions 
How can I teach overseas?

Can I move to a new position three states away?

How can I go back to school?

So, I wrote my question.
“How can I have a quilt shop?”
I took a while to figure this out, what "I" wanted.

A few Sample Questions
 “How can I be a stay at home mom?”

“How can I go back to school?”

“When can we afford to retire?”

“How can I have a quilt shop?” 

Now it's time to answer the question ! 
And you can only answer by doing the research or the work.

Stop Back soon ! 

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