Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Don't Share or Talk too Much about Your Idea - From Dream to Reality

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You have "YOUR" Dream Broken down, outlined, savings started and moving forward.
This is shock to some people, BUT PLEASE

Stop Talking

PLEASE stop talking, it's not the time, it takes nine months for a baby, it takes months to purchase a home, it's takes time to get a job, PLEASE, do not get on social media and explain anything to anyone,

Ask for help, but don’t tell everything.
One of my pet peeves is telling too much too soon.

I’ve found that you must pick and choose who you tell what. I’m much too closed mouth about everything, maybe, to a fault. That’s not a good thing when you start to promote yourself, but I work from the point of, “Need to know”. The family holiday card is not the time to announce anything about your dreams.

Your friend may be a good cheer leading, but not the one you tell you’re quitting your job, to publish a book. They will be concerned about their life changing and if you go back to school and if you change, will they have to change?

Or telling a family member who is having a terrible time financially that you are staying home long term. It’s just better to do what you need to do for yourself and let others do the same. Save mentioning your dream until it’s in full swing.

I, first mentioned the books to family and friends when my website went live and if they looked they looked. I really don’t think many looked, they have their own lives and until the books log large amounts of cash, people really don’t care.  Sad to say, but from experience, it's so true.

If you don’t tell, you have no one to answer to, but yourself. 

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