Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Finished my Photo Class

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Have to say, "I had a BALL" in my class.
I use a Point and Shot Canon Camera, nothing expensive.
Learning that I see things different than other's was HUGE for me. I always thought I was wrong?? I'm not, I did good, 
Again....Huge for me !
 I've received your emails and I'm trying to figure out printing Fine Art Photographs, may take me a bit. Keep watching !  Know anything about it? email me.....PLEASE

Sun Flower Center Beth Ann Strub (c) All Rights Reserved

Sun Flower Green Back Beth Ann Strub (c) All Rights Reserved

I shot MANY, MANY pictures, I LOVE it.

Sun Flower Beth Ann Strub (c) All Rights Reserved

Happy Anniversary Babe.....37 YEARS,
 Love the Flowers !

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