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Outline of "From Dream to Reality" eBook

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From Dream to Reality

Outline of “From Dream to Reality”

You have to DREAM IT, WORK IT, STUDY IT and DO IT ! 
and ONLY you can !  Good Luck here's my last post 
From Dream to Reality eBook by Beth Strub

Quick Study Guide 

A.  Idea or Dream

Take the next few days/weeks to write down your dreams,
write everything down

B.  The Reality of Cash, The Question

Start saving.

All things have money involved, that’s the way life is, you have to pay for what you want and work for it. A budget is a numbers game, an addition and subtraction problem.  Do it truthfully and honestly and your Dream  can become a Reality.

Do NOT quit your day job, you MUST eat, pay bills and have health insurance.
You are ready to ask yourself the question?  
Your question?  Not Mine, Your Question? 
And this takes some people weeks to come up with, and then others have it in moments, let yourself take the time YOU need to ask this question.

C.  Do Your Research

Write everything down, with this information you will be able to see your vision better and you will have it always. In mid 2009 we had a water pipe break in our basement, a complete redo, drywall, carpet, everything. The best thing I found (in plastic tubs) my original notebook, a wealth of information, my original plan, it re-energized me.

Ask yourself basic questions:
What – type of business – type vacation – type of wedding
Where- Business in home, on Main Street, a destination wedding
When – your time line
Money – your budget for each item, employees, training, travel, clothing.
Insurance – Medical- property – liability.
Make the phone calls, do the research, make 100% smart decisions.

D.  Can your idea move forward

Is this a business, product/service or event something that you can make happen?

Is it something that you still want to happen?

I’ve had people do this research and tell me, “I didn’t like doing the research about this, why would I want to do this daily?”  Doing the research did not have you spending your savings to find out you don’t like your idea.This is also known as your “Gut” check moment.

E.  Stop Talking

F.   Support systems – Personal and Equipment base

Set up your goals by weeks, monthly and for the year.  When you set a goal this goal can always be changed.

Find a support system that works for you, a friend, a family member, call the local college, do they have a SCORE chapter.

Purchase only the equipment you need. Check ads, second hand, auctions, call around to office stores. Again, do your research.

G.  Calendar

Do NOT quit your day job, but change the way you do things. Save as much money as you can.

The internet is a great tool and can bring you to people you never thought of. But, also remember people can be terrible and hurtful, so take everything with a smile. I have a blog and website. But, now that you are the one sharing and don’t tell too much.  Always ask before posting things. Our children like to be mentioned on the site, but never with their names or faces. I asked and THEY decided.

Don’t change you, I’ve figured out over the past years, what was wrong, when I was working at the bank? I interviewed as myself and I had to change into what they thought I should be, nothing about it was even close to who I really was, but I had to do it to survive that work place.

Learn to listen to yourself, that first day at the bank if I’d listened and tried not to be the mother and fix everything. I would not have returned the second day. How would have things been different?

Start a Calendar, set some goals. Work at the library on my dream for one hour on Saturday.

H.  Start, Start slowly

I. Ask for Help

If you don’t have the answer, “ASK.”

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