Monday, March 16, 2015

Start to Take it From Dream to Reality

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Start, Start slowly, BUT START

Free How to class, from dream to reality

You can go to work all day, come home, put everyone to bed and start. Turn on the computer, write, put your notebook in your bag and take it everywhere, have an idea write it down.  Treat yourself to lunch out once a week by yourself, take your notebook or laptop and work. You will not believe what you can get done in a short amount of time and how fast your lunch hour will go.

Having a dream and taking it the next step is all about what you do. Do not get in to, “I’ll read one more book.” “I’ll take one more class.” YOU have to jump in, do it slowly and with thought, but at some time you have to jump in.

The Quilt Ladies started with just 3 books, more added as ideas came. Today I have 12 titles, Little Quilt Ladies Pattern Series with 20 titles and this book. You can do ANY thing !

1.    Don’t quit your day job, but change the way you do things. Save as much money as you can.

2.    The internet is a great tool and can bring you to people you never thought of. But, also remember people can be terrible and hurtful, so take everything with a smile. I have a blog, web store, do twitter and Facebook. But, know that you are the one sharing, don’t tell too much.  Always ask before posting things. Our children like to be mentioned on the site, but never with their names or faces. I asked and THEY decided.

3.    Don’t change you, I’ve figured out over the past years, what was wrong when I was working at the bank? I interviewed as myself and I had to change into what they thought I should be, nothing about it was even close to who I really was, but I had to do it to survive.

4.    Learn to listen to yourself, my first day at that bank if I’d listened and tried not to be the mother and fix everything. I would not have returned the second day. How would  things have been different?

5.    Start a Calendar, set some goals. 

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