Friday, August 28, 2015

Photo Friday - Rain Drops on Roses

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I'm having a ball doing a 52 Weeks Photo Challenge. My Challenge site is,  HERE  follow along if you like,
but, I've worked so hard on The Quilt Ladies site, I'm going to add the photo's here too !
Assignment - Part of a Whole

I've listed the challenges HERE, right side, if you'd like to try, it gets me out and shooting pictures. It's the getting out I like the most. 

Rain Drops on Roses

I can be a bit flower NUTS. I love them and now living in a condo I really miss them. Always before in every home I've had a rose garden, totally crazy I know. 
I've asked our association here to add 3 rose bushes at the front of our condo,(my expense) but....
that's how they work, decisions, decisions. 

Had to do it again, would had NEVER asked !

Photo, just after rain, 
these drops are real 
no spray bottle needed.

Rain drops on Roses (c) Beth Ann Strub

This is the original Photo

Rain drops on Roses (c) Beth Ann Strub

Played with Black and White

Rain drops on Roses (c) Beth Ann Strub

This is Sepia

Rain drops on Roses (c) Beth Ann Strub

I love the Color with this Rose, it's all about the Rain Drops.

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