Friday, January 8, 2016

The Quilt Ladies Store is Closing, Last Weekend !

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If you’ve ever thought about purchasing a Quilt Ladies Quilt Pattern NOW is the time.

As it’s become time to say good-bye.

I will be closing The Quilt Ladies Store as of 

January 10th, 2016.   Complete Story HERE

Wish me well please, this is VERY Hard !

But, My
A Rose of Gray won a Yellow Ribbon ! 
at Beginners Class Division

Rose of Gray by Beth Ann Strub

A bit of what I've been doing ! 

A bit of Wear by Beth Ann Strub
A Bit of Wear

Magnolia an Opening by Beth Ann Strub
Magnolia An Opening

Daisy Vintage by Beth Ann Strub
Daisy Vintage

Natures White by Beth Ann Strub
Natures White

The Quilt Ladies Store Logo
I am the Author of The Quilt Ladies Book Collection
and Little Quilt Ladies Quilt Patterns

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