Friday, February 12, 2016

Flower Friday, Bee a Lily Photo

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If you have stayed the course with me, you know I'm in a bit of a new discovery time.
Turning 58 in January and letting it all go.....has been mind blowing for me. I have learned time will not wait for me. I have to do what I want NOW. Photography is one of my new discoveries and learning tools. 
I started a 52 Week Photo Challenge, late 2015.
It had to be on it's own site, do a photo a week, so on, and so on.
I'm done with that, I like what I like, I shot pictures daily so here they are on this MY site.
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"Bee a Lily"

Bee a Lily Photo

See the photo change as the camera is moved just a bit. I use a Canon, point and shot camera, about a 
$200 model, nothing fancy. I don't look as I shot, I just shot. I'll look when I download to the computer. So lots of photo's for the one up top, 

Bee a Lily Photo by Beth Ann Strub

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