Monday, June 13, 2016

Painting our Lanai Wall

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I've been having a ball with my new painting project.  

With my plan, it didn't take long to mark it out the flowers on the wall. I did the painting over the stucco as it was.  Knowing what I know how, I would have the guy come and smooth it all out. Next time. 

Hand painted flowers on a stucco wall

I tried to do the lines soft, but they had to be heavy to see.
(Disclaimer: Husband wants me to tell you all,
 this is a huge project and  
there is a bit of art to doing this, it may not be for all to try)

It's paint, try it !

Hand painted flowers

First flower outlined, my first time off the ladder, I could not stop smiling, a bit of happy dancing too. 
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Hand painted flowers on a stucco wall

Husband's not been very excited about this project.  Like the flower pots at the front door I say, "tell them (assoc) to talk to me," no one has, I think they are scared of me...And, I like that.

Yes, I used a one inch paint brush 

Hand painted flowers on a stucco wall on a condo lanai

I was worried the paint (quart) would not be enough, 

more than enough paint.
About 2 days of drying.

Hand painted flowers on a stucco wall

Then building the shadows on each flower. 

I'll keep painting !   
Check back ! 


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