Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Doing What I Love, A Rose is a Rose

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 Here at the condo, I don't have roses. So I go and shot pictures of them all the time. Nothing makes me happier !
Most of these were shot pretty true as they are. I'm not a big, let's redo it in Photoshop person. 
Rose photo

No roses here at the condo bothers me, but rules are rules. I may have to go to a meeting. To go or not too! HUGE question.
Rose photo by Beth Ann Strub

Husband shot me shooting pictures, umbrella is for sun cover or shadows on the flowers. Here in Florida full sun is hard to get around.  I am just showing these couple, I shot 243 photo's of roses. Thank you digital camera. 

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Rose photo by Beth Ann  Strub

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