Monday, August 8, 2016

Three Years into Retirement

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I'm going to do this, I've taken a bit of time thinking about this post and I'm just going to do it. I'm not throwing anyone under a bus, but some of these things just have to be said, 
"Out Loud. You need to know !" and NOW IN A BOOK

My post has become a book, NOW on KINDLE
What you have to know before retiring, the day to day things

The Quilt Ladies NOW on Kindle and NOOK

JUST a few to the things I COVER ! 

1.    You MUST have a sense of humor, you MUST laugh, OUT LOUD, 

2.    I had to learn the difference from CHEAP and FRUGAL. 

3.    It’s alright to eat alone, I love it,

4.    BEFORE you retire - GET YOUR MONEY in Order 

5.    It’s just the way life is, 

6.    NEVER again say, 

7.    And, on that note, same with, Medical talk,

8.    Be Kind, with (old)  job titles and big ego’s 
9.    Do a random act of kindness.
10. If you see it, do it, don’t ask, 

11. When I tell you what I want

12. And about check writing, 

13.  Stop starting any conversation with, “I remember,” 

14. A hard one…..personal hygiene
15. Stop sharing every thought, 
16. Learn to text, short, sweet and done.

17. Drive with both hands on the steering wheel

18. Piles of papers are just piles of paper, 

19. Stop eating on a schedule,

20. Don’t make noises
21. Do not talk about anything that happened

22. We moved and are closer of family, 

23. Getting here to retirement 
24. This is for all, take care of your skin,

25. LAUGH, smile, rejoice and LAUGH

IT'S all TRUE,

The Quilt Ladies ONLY on Kindle and NOOK

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  1. Somethings I just feel better saying it. Thanks for following along on my journey

  2. Amen sister! I'm 3 years into retirement too and am enjoying this new lease of life. Feels like life is opening up for me now. So much more to learn, to experiment with - we are so blessed!

  3. It's SO much fun. We pinch ourselves daily. I recommend it to everyone. Thanks for reading and keep watching

  4. All so true! Thanks for your wisdom, Beth. But, you know that most of your thoughts should be for everyone, not just for us retirees. Keep smiling and stay happy. (Glad you have two bathrooms? )

    1. I am so blessed, laughing and this morning danced cleaning the kitchen. Thanks for stopping in and keep watching - Beth

  5. Wonderful suggestions, thank you! Because I honestly had not thought of most of them but they really do make sense. I can't wait to retire!

  6. Thank you!!! We are retiring shortly at around the same age as you. People keep asking us what we will do! I have a great reply now "Whatever we want, whenever we want! Just not going to work everyday" I look forward to more time with family and friends :)

  7. Thank you Beth! So funny and true!

  8. unknown,September 13, 2018 at 4:30PM
    Thanks it should passed around to retires to read!!!!

  9. I retired early so I still have to wait til I turn 60 (9 more years) to get my monthly pension. My husband doesn't want me to say that his earnings are just his. What he earns are ours. Anyway, being an early retiree doesn't mean you cannot enjoy because you're no longer earning. The bright side of retiring is that you get to spend more time with your children whose at their adult stage but not married yet. And parents who need you at their side in times of emergency.
    Just enjoy every moment of your life, alone or with someone close to you.

  10. What do you do for health insurance since you both retired early? My husband just retired (age 57) and our insurance is provided through my employer. I’m 56 and wonder what options are available for those not yet 65. Thanks for the tips!!

  11. Husband has is from his old work and I'm on a policy myself. We planned on it and I over saved, which is just fine !

  12. Tax planning is a massive ordeal for some retired people. It takes up a lot of planning regarding analyzing the sources of funds. It allows you to maintain your lifestyle and hence you need to keep your tax consequences in mind.Adult Day Care Los Angeles

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  15. Glad this could be a pointer for some elders to their retirement claims.

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  17. These are things that we really need to know! Im surely reading your book!

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  23. Love to see this. Will def' check out the books.

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