Sunday, October 23, 2016

Maybe Photo File

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I have a photo file named, "MAYBE's"Meaning contest ideas and one's I think are my best. I have gone off the deep end a bit with picture taking, I'm HOOKED and I love it. It's opened up a new way of looking at things. And probably the best is really seeing things, not just look at them, BUT see them. 

"Flint Michigan"
Flint Michigan photo by Beth Ann Strub

"Growing as One" 
just won a Yellow ribbon in a digital contest.

Growing as one photo by Beth Ann Strub

"In the Beginning" an orchid stem and bud.
This is from an orchid shop here in town, they opened their green house and just let me walk and ask questions. Great day
 In the Beginning photo by Beth Ann Strub

"White to Grow" 
photo base for the wall I painted earlier 
this year - HERE

White to Grow photo by Beth Ann Strub

 "I'm an Iowa Girl"

I'm an Iowa Girl photo by Beth Ann Strub

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