Sunday, July 18, 2021

Time to Make a Holiday Quilt with The Quilt Ladies

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My Holiday Quilt Pattern is HERE for you. 
 A Holiday Quilt to be made, it's time to start ! Here is my A Holiday Quilt Pattern and I am thrilled to be able to say it's Downloadable at my Etsy Shop and in PRINT on Amazon ! and NOW with PRIME ! !  

Holiday Quilt Pattern features TWELVE - Twelve by Twelve Inches quilt pattern blocks and they are made into a 62" x 78" quilt.

This quilt can be done in ANY colors ! How about a dark blue background, white and yellow blocks, let yourself have fun.  No matter the colors, it's Holiday Quilt time. 

Holiday Quilt in PRINT OR    Download at my Etsy Shop

A Holiday Quilt Pattern Book

 Beth Ann Strub is a Quilter, Quilt Designer, Book Author, Painter, Wife, Mother and Grandma

 The Quilt Ladies Quilt Pattern Shop on Etsy

 The Quilt Ladies in Print and eBook

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The Quilt Ladies and Beth Ann

Meet  Beth Ann 
I'm a Quilter and an Author who decided to self-publish my quilt books and quilt patterns, with that I became a solo-business owner,  Strubbie House Publishing. I'm taking my quilts and making a dream into a reality. I love quilts, painting, art, reading, furniture, decorating and The Quilt Ladies, they have changed my life.


  1. Great post! Recently, we downloaded the quilt pattern. Unfortunately, we haven't completed the quilting yet.

    Sincerely, Michael Orso (owner of car detailing near me)

  2. This is definitely such a fine artistic piece! Thank you very much for sharing this. We want more of this, if you have time you can contact us

  3. I was starting to learn how to quilt and I love all your artowrks here, it made have some ideas.

  4. I wanna learn how to quilt like my grandma, thank you for sharing your creations here.

  5. I used to quilt before when I was 16, I could still remember how beautiful my masterpiece are, but now I only do it often time, thanks for inspiring me do it again.

  6. I was just starting to learn how to quilt, and your artowrks here have given me some inspiration.

  7. It's so nice of you to publish this book. This is inspiring me to start Quilting!

  8. I've never tried quilting, although I've always loved quilts. Maybe there's always a chance to start on a new hobby. Thanks for sharing this!

    -Curtis Martin
    Owner of Tampa Boat Detailing Pros

  9. Nice pattern, I hope you make more designs for inspiration. Thanks.

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  15. I like the details of this pattern. I hope you create more beautiful patterns.

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