Thursday, July 10, 2014

Laundry Room Re-Do - Before and After

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I've painted, cleaned and it's DONE

(Updated POST, added the paint color and how I used this color in my kitchen) This is post  has a life of its own. It's my number ONE pin on Pinterest and if you'd like to follow my Pinterest boards I'm HERE  My New site

Our little condo has a closet for the Laundry Room and I just didn't like it, plus I couldn't reach the shelf without being on my tip toes !

laundry room closet redo
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before and after of a laundry room closetbefore and after of a laundry room closet
 I moved everything out of our little kitchen dining area,
 we don't use it. Than went to Lowe's Want to see a grown man shiver in his work boots ?
Walk into Lowe's with a yellow legal pad, tape measure and pictures from pinterest ! ! ! Yes, it was a metal tape measure not cloth, I've learned, they will laugh out loud at you, I know I did it....once.

  before and after of a laundry room closet

My drying time was less with the cabinets in the air conditioning, in the garage and in Florida, it would have taken quite a bit longer for them to dry. 
 This is 3 coats of the Valspar Latex Enamel Paint

white nylon paint brushes
Trick ONEI get the better brushes HERE, NOT the cheap ones from Lowe's.
They wash great and no hairs come out like the other ones !
brown paper sack as sand paper 
Trick TWO is a BROWN paper sack, paper is the finest sand paper. BUT, it must be a BROWN sack. The only one I had in the house was from a little quilt shop in McKinney, TX, Stitched with Love, their site.  Cut the sack open and I like to fold it in and use just as sand paper, it makes the paint and wood soft ! 
 painted kitchen cabinets

This is the "BEFORE" of the closet

Everything out ! CLEANED and Taped walls
How often do you move your washer and dryer?
I'm going to have to do it more's been 5 years for me. And, from the looks of it, too LONG !
LOVE the Blue 
laundry room closet
First Cabinet up ! 
laundry room closet

This is the "AFTER" I love it. Besides time this was not that expensive of a project, cabinets and paint about 150 dollars, 
I like !  
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Post Update:
Our little condo kitchen
Paint I used from Lowe's
Paint Color tag Crystal Aqua

Condo Back Door 

I'm have so many idea's yet to do ! 

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