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I'm a Quilter and an Author who decided to self-publish my quilt books and quilt patterns, with that I became a solo-business owner. I'm taking my quilts and making a dream into a reality. 

I love quilts, painting, art, reading, furniture, decorating and The Quilt Ladies, they have changed my life.

Born and raised in Des Moines, IA. Husband and I have been married just over 42  years and have a great family. We have lived in IA, MN, NE and now in sunny FLORIDA. Our some day dream is coming true not to a beach but on a golf course and I don't play golf ?!
Dreams do come true... Thank you all so MUCH, your support and purchasing is overwhelming. Again, Thank you ! Beth Ann  

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Simple Red White and Blue Quilt Pattern

 Square Perfect - As an Etsy Download
In Print And An eBook

Square Perfect a Quilt Pattern in Red, White and Blue, but only if you want it to be, you can use any three colors It's a holiday of colors no matter what colors. Complete cutting and piecing instructions are given. Square Perfect makes a finished quilt that measures, 108" x 98" a Perfect KING size quilt. Instructions to make each row and a complete how to make each square design as shown in the pictures.  

Log Cabin Fun a Quilt Pattern Book

Log Cabin Fun a Quilt Pattern Book is taking a traditional log cabin quilt pattern having fun with color and pattern. You can use all the scraps in your quilt fabric or purchase all new. Complete cutting and piecing instructions are given, with full color quilt block photos.
 12 – 8-inch by 8-inch quilt patterns to use as they are, or with instructions included, change them into 12- 12-inch by 12-inch quilt blocks. 
In Print and an eBook NOW        


Edison Tree Quilt Pattern
At The Quilt Ladies Etsy Shop
In PRINT and NOW an eBook
A Tree of Many Colors and a tree of many triangles. Edison Tree Quilt Pattern uses four quilt blocks, each measuring sixteen inches by sixteen inches.  Complete cutting and piecing instructions are given. Edison Tree makes a finished quilt that measures, 38" x 38", added border sizes given too for a 40" and 42" finished quilt. Instructions are given in units,
 complete how to for make each unit, as shown.

Baby Quilt Pattern Book

Make it Special

Want to give the PERFECT gift for a new baby or as a lap quilt for someone special. EVERYONE will LOVE this quilt and that you made it for them....wondrous.

Why so Special? It's the THIRTEEN quilt blocks, each has a finished size of four inch by four inch. All the piecing of the quilt blocks are straight line, with complete cutting and sewing instructions included. The finished size of the quilt is thirty inches by thirty inches.

  The Quilt Ladies Quilt Pattern Book Quilt
The Quilt Ladies Book Collection NOW in Print This set of books started EVERYTHING for me and The Quilt Ladies. I have been asked and asked to do this for YEARS, well I did it ! !  REVISED in eBook Form    

A month Quilt Pattern Book

NOW in Print The Quilt Ladies - and ONLY $5 per quilt pattern 

   All in One Year Quilt Patterns: One quilt each month and then I added 8 different variations. A total of 20 Quilt Patterns IN PRINT  and on PRIME An eBook Too  At my Etsy Shop: September October November December available for single month purchase

    anxiety of anxiety book by Beth Ann Sturb

Anxiety of Anxiety - Journey to Self-Care and Slowing Down Anxiety has always been with me and it's taken me years to get myself to a place that "I" can move forward and be myself. My journey started in 2018 and for over a year I did only these things to help myself: 1. Put my care and self first 2. Eat Right 3. Sleep 7-8 hours 4. Daily walk, swim or exercise 5. Lose myself in ALL projects. The Anxiety of Anxiety - Read more, my Book is PRINT And NOW an eBook

  A Holiday Quilt Pattern Book

A Holiday Quilt Pattern Slip under this quilt, a cup of hot chocolate, a book to read, a moment of family curled up to enjoy the holiday. That's what you will give yourself and family in this HOLIDAY quilt. You will become the maker of an all-time favorite at your house.   Perfect for a holiday snuggle on the couch or made in any colors for day to day cuddles.  Holiday Quilt Pattern features TWELVE - Twelve by Twelve Inches quilt pattern blocks and they are made into a 62" x 78" quilt. Quilt shown in traditional red and green, but this quilt would be wonderful with a dark blue background, white and yellow blocks, let yourself have fun.

A Holiday Quilt Pattern Book in PRINT and eBook too 

A Holiday Quilt Pattern - Download from my Etsy Shop

  The Ladies Quilt Pattern Book by Beth Ann Strub

The Ladies Quilt Pattern is NOW is PRINT and eBook too 
This quilt pattern is “The Ladies” they are The Quilt Ladies. They quilt every Tuesday together and after years of doing that, they’ve decided to do a quilt pattern book.  So “The Ladies” was born, a quilt block sampler pattern book with  68 - Eight by Eight Inch quilt pattern blocks. All straight pieced, all cutting and piecing instructions included. It was decided that the Eight inch by Eight inch size would be a perfect size for the blocks not too small and not too large. Come make a quilt or a block or two with The Quilt Ladies in their book, “The Ladies” The finished quilt measures 76" x 84"  How to put the quilt together, cutting piecing instructions and quilt binding section too! 68 - 8 inch by 8 inch Quilt Block Patterns. Full Color PHOTO's of Each Pattern and all how to.  Still at my Etsy Shop for YOU to Download   

   Crazy Man Quilt Pattern Book
Crazy Man Quilt Pattern NOW in PRINT I have one Grandson who is just his own person (from birth), has his own ideas and his VERY own way of doing everything. He’s never a stranger, never worries about much and has a heart for kindness to all.  So, when he asked for a birthday quilt, this is what I came up with, he’s our Crazy Man. The “Crazy” part of this quilt is the background fabric, it’s bold, it’s yellow and it’s what makes the blocks a “Crazy Man” quilt. 12 blocks each block 8" x 8" complete instructions how to put the quilt together finished size is 48" x 60"  Instructions on how to do quilt binding included too.

Crazy Man Quilt Pattern NOW in PRINT and eBook too  AND at My Etsy Shop to Download to your in moments

B. Annie Quilt Pattern NOW in PRINT I have taken a Bear Paw pattern and redesigned it Sixteen different quilt blocks, each with a finished size of fourteen by fourteen inches. The quilt will be 88” x 84” finished size. Patterns can be used as shown or put together in many different combinations. Complete quilt pattern blocks, all cutting and piecing instructions and how to put the quilt together section. Quilt binding section included too.  Sixteen, fourteen by fourteen inch Quilt Block Patterns. Full Color PHOTO's of Each Pattern and complete cutting and Piecing Instructions.

B. Annie NOW in PRINT and eBook too !   OR Download from my Etsy SHOP 

53 Quilt Block Patterns NOW in PRIINT

Nothing makes a quilter happier than a beautiful quilt and we seem to NEVER have enough quilt patterns and this book has them in an assortment of sizes. From a beginner to an advanced quilter, these quilt blocks are time tested.  The quilt featured in the book has a finished size of 54” wide and 74” long. A Getting Started section and how to do Quilt Binding section is also in the book. Quilt blocks are all different size, patterns can be used in all your quilting needs. NOW in PRINT and eBook too !

And at My Etsy Shop for YOU to Download and print out in MOMENTS

How to Survive Retirement a handbook

IN PRINT a GREAT GIFT  Husband and I retired early, he was 57, and I was 55. Most people hear us say our ages and they ask, “What do you do all day?” VERY, very rarely do they ask, “How do you afford it?” This book has NO money talk, it’s all about happiness.   Now in Print and eBook  ! !  To me that is hilarious: before retirement you plan financially, you plan the date, but you don’t take time to figure out what you want to do for 20-30 years of retirement. I have seen it now for five years. How to Survive Retirement   PLEASE retire happy! “If you are unhappy….us other old people don’t want to be around you.”

One Quilt Block Twelve Ways a Pattern Book

ONE Quilt Block Twelve Ways a Quilt Book A simple Friendship pattern is taken in a new direction, from its basic form turns into a fun and wonderful. Each block has a finished size of Twelve-by-Twelve Inches and you have a total of Twelve patterns. The finished quilt uses all the patterns and is 54" x 76" when finished. Step by step cutting directions, a getting started section on how to make squares, triangle, quarter squares and adding triangles to corner units. And just added a how to bind your quilt section.

One Quilt Block Twelve Ways in PRINT   and 

at my Etsy Shop to Download too

Love Knot Quilt Pattern Book

Love Knot Quilt Pattern 
IN PRINT  in eBook for too ! and
on Etsy Download Love Knot  Download Over Thinking a Quilt Pattern Book 

ONLY Available together in the Printed book and eBook
Turn a Log Cabin quilt block into color fun and excitement, with a bit of time and three fabric colors.

Start with a simple log cabin and turn it upside down.

This quilt pattern is all straight piecing and my quilt pattern has all cutting and piecing instructions. Each quilt block has a finished size of eleven inches by eleven inches, you will need four quilt blocks to make the quilt as shown, making the finished size of the quilt twenty-nine inches by twenty-nine inches.  Extra quilt block patterns are given so you can color them in and move color before cutting fabric.  ADDED Bonus in The Print Book is Over Thinking a Quilt Block Pattern, 10 Quilt Block Pattern and three quilt patterns, all cutting and piecing instructions included.

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Beth Ann

See all Beth Ann’s Quilt Books in Print and eBooks here 
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