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The Quilt Ladies

Story is Fiction but the quilts are very real.

You don't have to be a Quilter to enjoy The Quilt Ladies - Just be a Reader.  All Twelve books in ONE, Fifteen Complete Quilt Patterns too 

The Quilt Ladies NOW on Kindle and NOOK

The Quilt Ladies book of quilt stories and quilt patterns


the quilt ladies book of quilt stories and quilt patterns


In The Quilt Ladies Book Collection five very different women come together. The books take you through learning to quilt, starting a business, moving, daily life and death. Each book continues the story and has Complete Quilt Instructions for the quilt the ladies are making in that book.

Mary Alice Gordon is a wife, mother and a very strong lady. She, with her husband, Samuel, 2 daughter, Hannah and Kimberly move into a new life and discover with change comes new emotions, ideas and goals.

Emily Brown, welcomes Mary Alice to the area, by introducing her to the “Ladies” Emily is very educated and the helper of the group.

Teresa Henderson  with husband William, 3 children, Molly, Harry and Matthew. Making a life and raising children is hard and opening a business takes hard work, luck and great friends.

Helen Jones and her husband, Robert understand how to hold on to each other as life becomes too hard. And, as a basket of cut quilt squares changes everything.

Jenny Art is married and moves in the area with Pastor Art, and a son, Jeffery. Jenny becomes her own person, with the “Ladies” in the background helping. 


12 books in the quilt ladies collection

quilt pattern and story

Book 1 "Mary Alice and Emily Brown"  of The Quilt Ladies Book Collection

Mary Alice moves into a new community, She has to deal with so much inside herself as things change before her eyes.

Mary Alice knew the moment he said it that she would never be home again. Her mind raced with silent questions. "Should I stay? Build a life for myself without him? I love him, but is that enough? Is this right for me?" She tried to separate herself from the move and think of only what would be the best for her.
The sight of seeing their entire lives packed up and loaded overwhelmed Mary Alice. It was the first time in her life she understood the concept of, a heavy heart. As they started down the street, she felt a pain in her chest, the type of pain you have when you know your heart is breaking inside.
She placed a hand on her chest and rubbed. Closing her eyes and talking herself out of screaming, she kept repeating over and over her silent prayer, One foot in front of the other.

But things soon changed, they are fascinating and amazing people. Women need each other more than men do I think. This group of Ladies brought out the best in me, Mary Alice stated. The Quilt Pattern is Square Star, 102”x 94”, using squares and playing with color.

A gift for a stranger who changes Mary Alice's life forever.
THE QUILT LADIES BOOK NOW ON KINDLE AND NOOK Twelve Stories and Fifteen Complete Quilt Patterns  ALL in ONE Book 

Book 2 "Helen and Teresa"  of The Quilt Ladies Book Collection

The Story continues;
quilt pattern and storyMary Alice returned with the coffee and found that Helen had finished a total of three two patches. "Hope you don't mind, but these cookies looked good. Great for coffee dunking. Helen's mind was working. Now her body needed a little help, too. As Helen had her coffee and three cookies, they talked. "There is no wrong way or right way of quilting, just your way"
"Life was just too hard to deal with and even harder at two in the morning. All I had were my own thoughts. A needle and thread made things just a little better."

Two quilts are featured in Book Two, RoadWay 94” x 110” is a quilt that Teresa made for her boys as a road to drive cars and Square Doll Quilt 17” x 21” using small squares.

quilt pattern and story
Book 3 "Jenny"   of The Quilt Ladies Book Collection

You will meet Jenny in this book and follow along as The "Ladies" learn they are more than just friends. As the story continues;

Everyone moved in different directions, and in less than 10 minutes they were on their way to the Brown Farm. They were met by George who smiled when he saw them, " are a gift from..." he started to say. "Get out of our way George, and let us see what is needed here,"
Helen said with the tone all mothers have. He shook his head and moved to the side. Inside the living room, they saw that Anna's bed had been moved from her room.

A family, they had become a family. They were total strangers who chose each other. They started back into the house and Helen said, I'm going home in a little bit. I have a quilt to start cutting." The house was at peace as they returned.

The "Ladies" show their strength in friendship, as words are not needed, just help is.
A joyous quilt is made, Center Circle 48” x 48”. A wonderful baby quilt or lap quilt, pieced in the book in red and green plaid.

THE QUILT LADIES BOOK NOW ON KINDLE AND NOOK Twelve Stories and Fifteen Complete Quilt Patterns  ALL in ONE Book 

quilt pattern and story
Book 4 "Changes" of The Quilt Ladies Book Collection

Follow along as one of the "Ladies" decides to start a business. Complete quilt instructions for Grandma's Candy Dish, pieced and applique.

As Teresa's life changes, so does her families. A business is born and with it so much more. Continue along with The "Ladies" "William was the first to see Molly. He rose and Molly kissed him on the cheek. He stood there and could not say anything. Who was this beautiful young lady?

Emily whispered to him, "It's time to sit down William." Molly stepped over her brothers as they both sat looking up at her, their mouths open. Teresa didn't look up, she was moving over to make space for the new arrivals. In one motion, Molly kissed her mother on her cheek and took Anna into her arms. As she was turning to sit down Teresa looked up."

"I will not be putting you out of a job will I?" Jonathan asked Mary Alice. "No, no, our help is a gift to Teresa. Helen helps in the morning, and I help in the afternoons. You will be making a lot of people very happy," Mary Alice answered. "I am ready to be fired," Mary Alice said with a smile.

Using a family heirloom candy dish a quilt is designed, in this quilt named, Grandma's Candy Dish 90” x 90”. This quilt is all about color fun and appliques borders.

quilt pattern and story

Book 5 "The Kitchen" of The Quilt Ladies Book Collection

The story continues as the business finds a new home and a blow of hate brings all together.

"Teresa woke and could hear voices. For a moment she thought she should get up and go down stairs, but that thought passed as she tried to roll over in bed. She was going nowhere. Her mind walked through the past few hours and tried to wish what had happened away. But the pain in her face and the burning of her arm were real. She heard footsteps and was very pleased to see Molly. Molly had her arms wrapped around herself and looked so young."
Teresa had found the right recipes. William was not surprised the cakes sold so fast, they almost sold themselves. He just had to get the store owner to taste them. One taste and they were hooked. Working side by side had been the right decision. Teresa hoped to repay the loan in just over a year. William was even right about the name "The Kitchen." It was what everyone called it and it seemed to fit.
A First 4-Patch, 98” x 56” quilt awaiting you. A basic square is not basic when you try new colors.

THE QUILT LADIES BOOK NOW ON KINDLE AND NOOK Twelve Stories and Fifteen Complete Quilt Patterns  ALL in ONE Book 

quilt pattern and story
Book 6 "Summer at the Farm" of The Quilt Ladies Book Collection

The farm is where the children spend the summer and this summer The "Ladies" do too.
"You haven't answered my question Emily."
"Yes, I bought...bought them hats and horses," she said turning to take Anna from Molly……..
Teresa said, "Did you see that boy? Someone better get me a big stick."
All laughed, "A big stick, you are going to need the whole tree trunk. Or maybe a bucket of water."
"And Teresa, Molly has the bug too," Helen said very seriously.
"The bug? She has the bug, the bite and the itch is getting hard not to scratch," Emily laughed.
"Did you see him watching her?" Jenny added.
"I was having a hard time swallowing. My blood presser was rising," they all talked at once.
In summer you need a little color, and color is what this quilt is all about, 
Star Lap Quilt, 52” x 60”.

quilt pattern and story
 Book 7 "Love at Any Age" of The Quilt Ladies Book Collection

Young love and one of The "Ladies"  in love. Continuing on at the farm, the girls come to visit too.

Matthew was at the counter, he turned carrying a tray of food, one glance and he said, "It's about time."

"Yeah, we have been wanting for this since you moved here Jonathan. What took you so long?"
Harry patted Jonathan on the back," Just remember, she was our girl first, and that does give us seniority."
"Sarah was the first one to see them all. As she moved up the stairs, "I hope you all look as good as me tonight, or those men down in the kitchen are going to dance only with me. They are all looking rather handsome too."
A gasp, "Oh, my." She saw the girls, first Kimberly walked to her. Sarah kissed her very lightly on the cheek. Kimberly moved to the side so she could see Hannah. Another gasp, Hannah nodded and moved to the side, and there stood Molly and Emily.
"Oh, my," and a long silence.
"You do look better than the men downstairs. You all look like queens. Wait, wait let me get down stairs and watch as you all come down. Just a minute, just a minute," Sarah said as she moved down the stairs."
Two quilt patterns are features a gift as made by the girls, Churn-Dash Baby Quilt, 31” x 31” and a different look in Log Cabin PinWheel, 96” x 96”.

quilt pattern and story the wedding book eight
 Book 8 "The Wedding" of The Quilt Ladies Book Collection

Love is in the air, so is organizing, shopping and quilting. All the things The  "Ladies" do best.

Have to say it's been so much fun." Helen giggled and squeezed Emily around the waist. Before Emily could react Helen was off, "You go get cleaned up, Jenny will be out soon with lunch for everyone."
Emily took a deep breath and just enjoyed the moment, Teresa took her hand and guided her to the house, it was bath and hair time. It was about noon when the children returned to the house, "Lunch is served." The door slammed and feet came up the stairs. "Jonathan just left. He looked better as time went on, but the mans scared to death," Jenny laughed.
A wedding is always time for that special quilt this one is it. A Wedding Quilt 66” x 86”, pieced and appliqued, as The "Ladies" say, by committee. Pieced flowers with appliqued vines and leaves. 

quilt pattern and story garden under the stars book 9

Book 9 "Garden Under the Stars" of The Quilt Ladies Book Collection

With all the wedding planning going on Mary Alice decides to take steps and purchase the land. 
"He's come down in price three times Mary Alice and now you don't even seem interested anymore. You said you wanted this property.
"Samuel, maybe if Mr. Hinds finds it in himself to talk with me about the price, maybe then, I would think more serious about it. But until then, I am in no hurry. Truthfully, each time he talks with you and not me, the price will need to just keep coming down," Mary Alice raised her eyebrows at her husband. "
The garden is shown off in this quilt of pieced stars and applique flowers and vines, My Garden Under the Stars 52” x 30”

quilt pattern and story at anytime book 10

Book 10 "At Anytime" of The Quilt Ladies Book Collection

I need from you what I gave you, freedom to try."
"You can have anything I have, "At Anytime."

The house sounds moved from room to room, but to her they were nothing she wanted to be involved in. She curled herself into a ball and pulled the blanket up around her head, she took in the smell of the cotton in the quilt, she fingered the stitches that held it together and she understood the meaning of "peace" folding herself up in it. The "Ladies" had completed it for her just days earlier and it was still overwhelming to her the love that they gave her in the pieces of fabric.

Kimberly broke the silence, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"

No one moved, and no one answered.
Until, "Not what I am now," Jenny said.
It seemed to roll over them all.
A few moments later, "What if you could be anything, or do anything, what would that be?" Molly asked very slowly, as the heat of the day was making the moments move almost like a dream.

Teenage years are years of discovery, both for the teenager and the Parents Those Teenage Years, 66” x 91”.

Twelve different blocks are used to form this quilt. Block Names
Mothers Dream
Rolling Stone
Mothers Delight
Robbing Peter to Pay Paul
Grown Up
None Such
Guiding Star
Grandmas Choice
This n That
Beggars Block
Go Around
Secret Drawer
THE QUILT LADIES BOOK NOW ON KINDLE AND NOOK Twelve Stories and Fifteen Complete Quilt Patterns  ALL in ONE Book 

quilt pattern and story my home book 11
Book 11 "My Home" of The Quilt Ladies Book Collection

There had been a sign in the yard for as long as she'd lived on the block, "For Sale", but no one seemed to want it. Stopping to take in the house as she did most days, "Why aren't you mine?"

"Why has it been on the market for so long?" Jenny questioned Carol.
"At first the price was too high, the longer it was on the market with the high price, people just stopped looking at it. It's been on the market so long, the price is down, but it now needs repairs, paint, cleaning, a lot of hard work. I think all the systems, heat, water, electric are pretty
"I'm going to take Jeffrey on a walk through, you two talk," Helen said.
They talked about money, they talked about down payment, and they talked about writing an offer. But Jenny had decided earlier that morning today would be just looking. She had to take some time and think about everything. Helen was coming through the door, "It's a beautiful home. Robert could come over and look at the furnace and things for you?"
"That would be great. Can I walk through one more time?" she took Jeffrey with Helen.
Heading up the stairs she said, "Welcome home Jeffrey, we're home."

It's time for color fun with a Purple Fun Quilt 100” x 110”. Working with white and adding another color to pop the quilt top.

quilt pattern and story tomorrow is for me book 12

Book 12 "Tomorrow's for Me" of The Quilt Ladies Book Collection

She stopped going through the fabric, sat straight up and took a deep breath. She leaned back, closed her eyes and listened to the sound of her own breathing.

She was still young, only in her mid-forties, in pretty good shape and so, so tired of thinking. For the first time she thought of it in plain and simple words, she was tired of being sad. Sitting up with a jerk and saying out loud, "I have to start living." As the light went off in her mind of what was wrong, there was also the thought of how do I fix it?
"I can't say, but I have to start living, and for me to start living again I have to stop his dying day after day in my mind. So last night, Robert and I spent the evening going through old photos. I'm going to take one photo each day remember only the wonder of that day. The smells, the time, any thoughts I had and the happiness, only happiness that he gave me, us."

Triangle Corners, a study in what a difference a quarter of an inch to an inch makes.

THE QUILT LADIES BOOK NOW ON KINDLE AND NOOK Twelve Stories and Fifteen Complete Quilt Patterns  ALL in ONE Book 

the quilt ladies by beth ann strub

THE QUILT LADIES BOOK NOW ON KINDLE AND NOOK Twelve Stories and Fifteen Complete Quilt Patterns  ALL in ONE Book 

quilt pattern and story

THE QUILT LADIES BOOK NOW ON KINDLE AND NOOK Twelve Stories and Fifteen Complete Quilt Patterns  ALL in ONE Book 

Story is Fiction but the quilts are very real.
You don't have to be a Quilter to enjoy The Quilt Ladies - Just be a Reader.

The Quilt Ladies NOW on Kindle and NOOK

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