Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday September 23, 2008

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Hi everyone,

I need to fill some of you in a bit. I've been VERY closed mouth for years. Can you believe that one?? I've wrote a set of books and for years I've sold them at craft sells. After all my health things last October. Hubby and I talked and the idea was for me to do the books on a larger scale.

Talking with our Son#1, my idea man. He never says anything can't be done. It's moving forward. My book designer is Daughterlaw#1. I'm going to try and upload you one of the covers. They are fantastic, all Daughterlaw#1. Can you believe she's a designer for a worldwide company and doing my stuff. Pinch me???

I had so many moments (tears) last week seeing everything. UNBELIEVABLE.

Well, any way, I will have 12 books with stories that follow five ladies, for the reader, quilter or both. The pages of ideas just keep coming, adding more and more books. Son #2 has helped me with a computer a Mac, and I ask tons of questions. I think I'll have to purchase software, with Grand#3, work and life, Daughterlaw#1 time is limited. But we are doing it, NEVER say can't.

OK, here I go with the picture.

Thank you all for the support and PLEASE forward this on !!

I'll be asking you to do that again when the website is up too !

Do something for yourself today. Read, call a friend,
take a bath and don't open the door!!

The Quilt Ladies and me ! Beth

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