Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Quilt Ladies Book Two Helen and Teresa read their story

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The Quilt Ladies Book Two Helen and Teresa read their story
The Quilt Ladies Book Collection
Here's Book 2
Meet Helen and Teresa

There was a long silence, "Well…. It was the only thing I could think of to get you quilting. I knew you were too nice to come out and say no. Are you angry at me?" Mary Alice turned to look into her face.

Helen was silent for a moment, "For bringing me back to life, for giving me my husband back, for giving me friendship, and all of you Ladies?. Oh yes…I am angry," Helen answered with a large smile and continued, "A quilt for me? I like that."

There were only five people today for lunch, and The Ladies knew they would have rather been invited to the quilting.
When someone asked about it, Teresa said, "No, no this is my occasion. I am not sharing this with them." Everyone all understood. This was her group. Her friends were all hers for the day.

The children ate under an apple tree on an old quilt. The Ladies sat together by the house. Mary Alice wondered if her girls noticed all the talking and laughter that came from The Ladies’ lunch. They were not just mothers or wives, but friends. She wanted them to have these kinds of friendships all through their lives. She knew that loving your husband and family were not the only things you need in life, you need to find what is your own. She wanted them to have a job, friendships and a hobby, such as writing or reading. She wanted them to have anything extra to make their days happy.
The Quilt Ladies are coming together, I'm on the late (hopefully) proof and then off to printer and a web page, but right now I'm happy. I've learned to just change the time line I've set up for myself and not let this stop any forward movement I've achieved. 

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Quilt Ladies Book One Mary Alice and Emily Brown their story

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The Quilt Ladies Book One Mary Alice and Emily Brown their story
The Quilt Ladies Store

You don’t have to be a Quilter to enjoy
The Quilt Ladies,
Just be a Reader.

I’m going to do a bit of a show and tell about each book.

Here I go ! Book One, of The Quilt Ladies Collection

I would like to introduce the first two ladies to you. In book one you will meet two ladies, Mary Alice Gordon and Emily Brown.

First is Mary Alice, she's the one who started out most like me. She's married, husband Samuel. Has two beautiful girls, Hannah and Kimberly.

Mary Alice starts everything, she moves into a new community and needs to connect with someone. The arrival of Emily as a friend brings Mary Alice into a circle of friends.

"The girls settled into school just perfectly. It was as though they had been there forever. Mary Alice was the one not doing well. She was lost. Mostly she was just plain lonely. At times she felt as though people were judging her. When she worked in the store, people were always friendly, but just not too friendly. After a while she felt invisible. What she did and what kind of person she was didn't matter."

"Her name was Emily Brown. Mary Alice had met her in the store and they visited for a while, but Emily was here today to ask if she had ever quilted. Emily knew from her face and from her quick yes, she had. "
From that moment on things changed. The group of "Ladies" Mary Alice met became as important to her as breathing. She formed some wonderful friendships. They accepted her so quickly, almost like they had known each other for years. They were fascinating and amazing people. They all knew women need each other more than men do. The "Ladies" brought out the best in Mary Alice. Talking or sharing ideas, she could say anything, and they never judged her or repeated what had been said. "

This is just a taste of the Ladies, stop back in and see who's next.

and Little Quilt Ladies Quilt Patterns

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Making a Blue Baby Quilt

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Make a blue baby quilt
Make a blue baby quilt

The Quilt Ladies and this lady (ME)are getting things done.

Make a blue baby quilt

Never enough hours in the day, but I’m working and have to say loving it.

Here a couple of pictures of what’s been on my cutting table .

This is a baby quilt or a lap quilt. It’s been hand quilted and ready for some love.

Make a blue baby quilt

The books are moving forward and I'm off to do my daughter duties.
Love to all, B

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thursday October 2, 2008

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Iowa Country Side Photo

Hi, I’m back ! ! !

Believe it or not, I was shut down for spam????
I had to laugh right after I read what spam was. Not to worry, this grandmother is on top of it. Everything is PERFECT and here I go AGAIN…..
Iowa Country Side Photo
We took a wonderful day trip yesterday to the Loess Hill
in Iowa, wine tasting and wine purchasing. A trip to Hitchcock Nature Center. A simple, good day in Cresent Iowa.

Iowa Country Side PhotoI’ve finished all the outside/porch painting. This 1970’s house had been more work, then the one before a 1892 house. But we are getting here, hoping for more attic insulation next.

The Quilt Ladies are in final proof stage and doing great. I’m working on the writing for the web page, that’s next.
Coming soon:
Meet the quilt ladies
How to quilt

If you have anything just ask??? B

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