Thursday, March 19, 2009

Little Boy's First Quilt

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Little Boy's First Quilt, star quilt pattern

Here Grandma goes,

Grand One’s Bedroom is Blue, with space things. I’m not doing planets. So it’s a bit of blue, red and a tan background.

I always start with a pattern, I have a software program, but for years I used graph paper. The size, the block, borders and binding, all right in front of me, usually doing the sections for a couple of blocks at a Little Boy's First Quilt, star quilt patterntime.

I don’t like cutting yards of material and then putting one block together and then not liking it.
Plus I need to see the end result.
Little Boy's First Quilt, star quilt pattern

I know no one will notice, but this is the same pattern as his first baby quilt 6 years ago. That one was hand quilted, this one will be tied as I know how it will be loved, washed and washed.
This will be his 4th quilt. He love’s them. I love that.

I have the Little Boy's First Quilt, star quilt patternblocks finished and I’m going to get them all put together and off of the sewing room.

Little Boy's First Quilt, star quilt pattern

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