Thursday, March 26, 2009

Putting It All Together - Little Boy's First Quilt

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Little Boy's First Quilt, star quilt pattern I’m in the process of finishing Grand One’s birthday present and thought I’d walk through it….

Here we go.

The backing goes down first, good side of fabric to the floor. I use the middle of our living room. Then batting, this is cotton, and I used two layers, for kids and being tied I like that.

Then add the pieced quilt top, I use Quilter’s straight pins, on something being tied I don’t hand baste. I would if hand quilting. And I use these pins they leave no holes in your Little Boy's First Quilt, star quilt patternfabric.

Little Boy's First Quilt, star quilt pattern

I move it to the dining room table, and start to tie. I have a great light above the dining room table and I’m comfortable there, and can see the television. I can do about anything with the sound of an old movie in the background.

Darning needle, yarn cut about 30 inches long

No knot and leave about 2 inch tail
Continue as a long running stitch

Cut yarn

Tie with a basic knot

I’ll show the final project soon, just about finished.
Number one Husband has been talking about a new sleeping bag quilt too.
I even hear the, "Grand One got one". They never grow up ! ! !
That maybe next?
Sew Happy, Beth Hopefully off to the Printer in the next Month, I'm learning so much... But I'm getting it. Printers have a whole different language, just like the web people. I'm learning. B

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