Monday, June 29, 2009

OLD Ladies ROCK - A Bike Story and Aging

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OLD Ladies ROCK - A Bike Story and Aging 

Old ladies ROCK, a bike story

Well, I'm going to have to face the fact; I'M OLD. I have gone kicking and screaming (and Laughing) into middle age but yesterday
was the end all of end all.
We volunteered at a Triathlon in Des Moines, IA, it's the swim, bike, run thing and we were bike marshall's and I loved it. Have a chair and cheer the riders on. I loved it, until....
As we (Sister-in-law #2) cheered on, one of the female riders said,
I haven't stopped laughing yet.
I know I (we) maybe not be riding, swimmer or running in spandex,
I know the hair maybe a bit gray, but an OLD lady.

I know at the age of 20, 51 is old, but please, OLD. Neither one of us have a cane, a walker or knit, well, I do quilt? Anyway, I'm claiming my 50's ! I thought the 50's, are the new 30's. Will someone please tell, the 20 year old this !

Anyway here's some pictures of the day,
Old ladies ROCK, a bike storyOld ladies ROCK, a bike story
This Old Lady Rocks, 


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  1. I agree, 50's are YOUNG!! LOL I work during the summer with college students, and they think I am ANCIENT!!

  2. Let's be straight, I went to my walker and bought a bitsy racing car for £5.00 (it was born about the time of Thatcher) being sure it would last me a whole 5 minutes 75 years at most but no dice!I have tried every trick in the book from free wheeling around obstacles like trees, loo door handles and metal railings only to crash silly bonks pay someone to do your assignment into them when they were not spinning.


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