Monday, August 31, 2009

Quilts Color Fun - Picking Fabric Colors from Nature

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Just a couple of tricks to help you look at color from nature.
I am always asked about color. This past weekend we attended a family union at my sister-n-laws acreage in Iowa. I always take loads of pictures, and use them as teaching tools.
Look at the pictures and notice the colors, the shades and the texture of the leaves or flowers.
How to Pick Fabric Colors from Nature
If this is the color group you like, start with a deep red, notice the hint of yellow centers, the beige of the new bloom, and all the greens. Work with what you like about the colors in a photo.How to Pick Fabric Colors from Nature
This photo, "What is the first thing your eyes see?" The GRAY figure, start with a gray color, add the soft lavender in the front, the soft cream yellow from the leaves on the right. Add more colors or less, it helps you to start the color process.

Print out your photo and head to your fabric stash or the fabric store. I always lay out my fabric and photograph them too. Always, always do one block before cutting a whole quilt, that is the time to change and rearrange. Just a couple of hints on how to start with color.

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